Children Related Activities

Sl No Date Description
Nila – Educate a Daughter
1 03-Dec-2010
Nila – Educate a Daughter
Niravu – A Programme for Adolescence
1 17-Aug-2017
Parenting & Education
2 22-Feb-2017
Tips for Mental Health
3 25-Jan-2017
Personality Development
4 21-Oct-2016
Remedial Coaching
5 25-Aug-2016
Learning Motivation Programme
6 24-Feb-2016
Effective communication
7 02-Nov-2015
Special Tuition Programme
8 01-Nov-2015
Adolescent Life Skill Development Programme-Social skills
9 08-Aug-2015
Assessment programme
10 08-Jul-2015
Password behind a successful life
11 04-Feb-2015
Way to Win
12 04-Feb-2014
Valedictory function
13 04-Feb-2014
Self Esteem & Emotional, Social and Educational Adjustment-Survey
14 28-Jan-2013
Training Programme
15 30-Aug-2013
Goal Setting
16 15-Jun-2013
Do it Now
17 15-Jun-2013
Take it Easy
18 05-Feb-2013
Creativity and Children
19 28-Jan-2013
20 17-Jan-2013
Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act 2012
21 08-Oct-2012
Learning Motivation for Parents
22 04-Oct-2012
23 03-Oct-2012
24 10-Aug-2012
Personality Development
25 10-Aug-2012
26 22-Feb-2012
How to Face Examinations
27 25-Jan-2012
Adolescence Health
28 07-Dec-2011
Self Esteem and Emotional, Social and Educational Adjustment
29 10-Nov-2011
Ice breaking
30 07-Feb-2010
Motivational Programme for Parents
Training for Learning disabilities /counseling
Training for Learning disabilities /counseling