Valedictory function

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

On Feb 4th 2014, the concluding ceremony of the programme “Niravu” – an Adolescent Life skill training course- was held at Government Achuthan Girls H.S. School . Students who had attended the course from 2011 -2014 were fecilitated and awarded a certificate of participation by Streechetana. The meeting began with a welcome address by Smt. P.Prassana, teacher, followed by the presidential address of Smt.Radha Iyer. Dr. K.S. Jayasree General secretary spoke about the areas covered by eminent speakers and the dedicated work of streechetana members of ‘Niravu” committee .she also introduce the chief guest Smt. Sindhu P Kavinnamanil, an activist .Smt Sindhu spoke to students on the need to have courage and conviction and the need for patriotism before she distributed the certificates,Smt Supriya, coordinator offered a vote of thanks and some students gave a warm feedback about how much the programme benefitted them.Smt. Shanta Govindankutty, Smt Rema Devi.P.K, Smt.Mayamalini and Smt.Lakshmi also actively participated in the programme.