Nila – Educate a Daughter

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

It is often found that first victims of any financial crisis are females. In Indian homes, sadly, it is the daughter whose education is cut short if funds are lacking. To help such girls who have aptitude but in need of money for higher education, Nila has been launched.

This is a noble scheme whereby a fund is created through donations from public and selected girl candidates from economically backward families are paid around Rs 1000/ per month for completion of their higher education at degree/diploma level. The minimum donation should be for a year’s academic support which will amount to Rs 14000. One may sponsor more than one candidate. We hope to make a modest start with 5 to 7 girl beneficiaries.
The public are also welcome to suggest names of deserving candidates with their full contact details using the given proforma online.


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