Motivational Programme for Parents

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

On Feb 7, 2010 at Kannachery Govt L.P. School, a programme organized jointly by Streechetana and school authorities was held at the school premises for the benefit of parents. Smt C. Kanmani Palayat, coordinator, Association for Learning Disabilities India (ALDI) said that if learning deficiencies of children are recognized early and they are given remedial guidance, a lot of challenges can be overcome. In her introduction, Dr. K.S Jayasree, General Secretary said that children become mentally healthy if they get affection and security, for which cooperation of parents and teachers is vital. Sri. C. Ibrahim, Headmaster, Kannachery School, PTA president Sri P. Balakrishnan, MPTA President Smt. Balkis and Streechetana Coordinator M.K. Bijina also spoke. The welcome address was given by Smt. P.K. Lovlija and vote of thanks was offered by Smt. C. Anita in the meeting presided over by Smt. Radha Iyer.