Streechetana, a Women’s Collective functioning in Calicut since 2006, has as its mission a social reformation effected through the socio-economic, cultural and political empowerment of women.

The state of Kerala has achieved exemplary heights in terms of Literacy and Development. Yet, the participation of women in most spheres of social life is shamefully minimal. There is gross belittlement and marginalization of women’s rights both in the private and public domains. In the face of this kind of discrimination, any claim that we make to development and progress is highly questionable.

Safeguarding the individual’s dignity and protecting human rights have been the prerogative of most civilized communities down the ages. It is totally unfair, and a crass violation of justice, therefore, to deny women these same rights. It is high time that we realize the fact that women’s issues concern not women alone, but the whole society.

Gender discrimination can be resolved only with a total overhaul of the social mindscape, a challenge that calls for the equal and unquestioned participation of both men and women. Concerted awareness and effort are inevitable towards the achievement of this goal, and this is the journey that Streechetana has embarked upon.

To counter the denial of equal opportunities to women by engaging in women’s empowerment programmes: herein lies the significance of a Women’s Collective, of Streechetana.