Women’s Code Bill, a Women Perspective

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Seminar on Women’s code Bill – Women’s Perspective.

On 10th Dec, Human Rights Day, Streechetana organized a seminar at Alkapuri. Chief speakers were Smt. Sareena Nawas (Capt Rtd.) Commission Member, Social Activist, Smt P. Geeta, Mr. Hamid Chenamagalur, Writer and Smt. Bindu Amatt, Moderator. The passing of a new Bill, (Children’s Code Bill with13 chapters and 125 clauses and women’s Code Bill with5 chapters and 180 clauses) in today’s conditions, is very relevant because of the injustice that has been meted out to women and girls.

Sareena Nawas opined that the control of population was essential because of the problems of overpopulation. Smt Geeta said that there were some deficiencies in the Bill about recognizing the role of women in and outside the home and that some discussions were necessary to make amendments, taking aspects of male dominance into consideration. Also we need to contain a democratic view of marriage beyond the boundaries of caste and religion. Dr K.S.Jayasree, Radha Iyer and K. Preeta also spoke.


Find more photos of this programme here.