E-toilet Survey

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

On July 21 to 28, 2016, Streechetana conducted a campaign to create awareness among the public on the usage of e-toilets at Mananchira Square and Kidson corner respectively .Our members, and students from various colleges took part in the campaign. Questionnaires were distributed among the public to understand the awareness level and usage of e-toilets among them. From the survey it was understood that:  48% of the respondents were unaware of an e- toilet system in the area,  86% of them have never ever used an e- toilet,  33% were unaware of the e- toilet usage system,  37% responded that cleanliness was the major factor that stops them from using the e- toilet,  57%  have faced difficulties due to the lack of toilets in public places, 68 %  said water scarcity was the main issue that they had faced when using an e- toilet,  21% of respondents lack toilet facilities in their own institutions, 87 % are of the opinion that public places does not have enough toilet facility.