Cyber Space

Monday, January 16th, 2017

On January 14th, 2 pm Streechetana conducted an informative and educative session on Cyberspace at Alakapuri, Kozhikode. Cyber crime expert Dr.P.Vinod Bhattathiripad addressed the audience. He spoke of how the cyber space always leaves behind clues which help in tracing the criminals. In modern day crimes, cyber clues become crucial. Citing Jisha murder and the tracking of Maoists he pointed out how around 60% of the non cyber crimes find supporting evidence in cyber clues. Collecting criminal evidence, defamation, obscenity, treason are all punishable under the IT Act. He also spoke of the misuse of cyber spaces like the mobile phone, email, the image technology and their ensuing punishment.
Streechetana president A.R.Supriya presided over the session. Dr.K.S.Jayasree, M.K.Bindu and Beena Pramod spoke on the occasion.