World Toilet Day – “Black Day”

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

World Toilet Day – “Black Day”
Streechetana observed “Black Day” in protest against the inaction of authorities in making the nonfunctional public toilets operational Streecheana observed Black day on November 19. The students of Vismaya Arts and Media also participated in solidarity.

Streechetana had given a complaint to the ombudsman regarding the need to address problems in operation of Public toilets for Women in Calicut city. Several directions were passed between 23rd March 2010 and 12th June 2012, over 14 sittings. Through this, 15 E-toilets, at Beach and Sarovaram toilet complexes and Nadakkavu colony toilet complex came up. A company – Eram Scientific Solutions had undertaken a contract of maintenance for a period of seven years. However due to the irresponsible attitude of the Company and Corporation authorities, the toilets constructed by them, later became nonfunctional.

In these circumstances, Streechetana gave a complaint against the Corporation authorities and the Company Iram Scientific Solutions on 26th November 2014 to the Ombudsman. Subsequent to the hearing conducted on 17th March 2014 and 14th May 2014, the Ombudsman grantedd 5 months time to the Corporation rectify the problem. However, the Corporation did not act upon this deadline, despite having a lady Mayor.

Streechetana observed “Black day” to protest against the indifference and apathy shown by the Corporation by neglecting the maintaining of public toilets, problems faced by women and towards the objective of cleanliness.