Training Programme for Self Help Groups

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Workshop for Self Help Groups:

A one day workshop for SHGs was held on Sept 29, 2007 at Youth Hostel with an aim to empower women and to promote the concept of self help groups. Presided by Smt. Radha Iyer, and inaugurated by Mr. M. Balakrishnan, Lead Bank Manager, Canara Bank, the workshop gave useful inputs to the participants. The topics covered in the workshop were:

  1. SHG’s- Agents of social transformation.
  2. SHG- Assessment and Evaluation.
  3. Micro Enterprises and Micro Credit.
  4. SHG activity and conflict resolution.

The sessions were conducted by Smt.J. Vimalakumari, Former State Consultant, Mahila Samakhya Society, Dr. K.S Jayasree, General Secretary, Streechetana, Smt. T.E. Vineetha, General Secretary, Eksath and Smt. K. Sarita. Mission Coordinator, Fisheries Department.