Right to Information Act

Saturday, July 14th, 2012

‘Information as a right alone can help ensure women’s entry into the mainstream’ .said Smt G.B.Taji. Asst Prof, Law College at the Patanasadas organized at Alkapuri by Streechetana. Information is necessary not only for individual welfare but also imperative for common good. It is only after 57 years of independence that the right has been made available to us. This right does not invade the individual privacy rather it helps transparent governance without any discrimination. It benefits all and helps to collectively make society responsible besides empowering women. Smt. Radha Iyer, Dr.K.S. Jayasree, Smt. Reshma Reghuveer, Smt. Ashwati.K.V and Smt. Latika C.T. also spoke.