Kattuvayal Ambedkar Colony – Case regarding Water & Sanitation

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

Kattuvayal Ambedkar corporation colony has 51 families with 300 inmates residing there. But this colony is besieged with problems like clogged drains, accumulation of waste water flowing into houses at times, and consequent mosquito menace, lack of drinking water with only 4 taps out of 11 being functional. Based on this, a petition was filed before the Hon’ble Ombudsman for Local Self Government Institutions on May 17, 2012. A joint inspection along with the petitioners and the concerned authorities of health and engineering departments of the corporation and Kerala Water Authority was ordered on July 12, with the direction to solve the problem before Oct 12, 2012. The joint inspection was carried out on September 12. But as the problem was not solved before October 12, the petition was resubmitted. Accordingly, Kerala Water Authority and corporation were given orders again, to solve the problem before Feb 25, 2013. Kerala Water Authority set up pipelines and 11 taps promising water to 50 residents. On March 15, the application was re-examined and explanation sought from the corporation. The Corporation Secretary visited the colony on April 19th Finally, on June 14th the work to clear drains began and 400 Meters of length was cleared for water to drain. As drainage became functional, the case was closed. The petitioner was also given the liberty to approach the Corporation for any future problems. The sittings happened on 23rd  May 2012, 12th July 2012, 18th Jan 2013, 14th Feb 2013,  15th March 2013, June 15th 2013.