Case regarding the Public Toilets of the Corporation

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

In March 2011, an unfortunate incident of a hidden camera inside the ladies toilet of a popular hotel sparked off massive protests as it undermined the dignity and privacy of women. Streechetana’s involvement in the incident led the activists of these women’s Forum to take up the demand for safe and clean toilets for women in different parts of Calicut.

At the outset, we  made an elaborate survey of the different public toilets used by women. It was found that  95% of the toilets were unusable and dangerous . This pathetic condition prompted Streechetana to find a solution to this negligent attitude of the Corporation and file a PIL case immediately on March 23rd 2010. It was a long-drawn battle with the Corporation taking more than 2 years  and 13 sittings with the Ombudsman.

Streechetana’s initiative resulted in many positive changes in the issue of Women’s toilets in the city. The Honorable Ombudsman ordered the following ;

Fifteen automatic toilets were constructed in the following areas:

  • An automatic toilet, the first of its kind was constructed in Oyitty road.
  • Seven other toilets were constructed in the first phase in areas like the Lion’s Park, the Manachira Square, Cheruvannur, toilets outside the Corporation Stadium, Pavangad area, and in the precincts of Karaparambu and Kunduparumbu road. These were inaugurated on Nov 4th 2011.
  • The next seven toilets were constructed in Medical College area, along the Devagiri College road, Mudalakulam, Cherooty road and Beypore.