Attapadi- What is happening?

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

In a seminar conducted by Streechetana on 29th June 2013, at Alkapuri, members of  Thaikulam Sanghom (the native tribal women’s group) opined that a serious vigilance probe needs to be conducted to investigate why even a fraction of fund of crores of rupees, allotted for their welfare, has not yet reached the beneficiaries. The siphoning and exploitation by the middle men has to be found out, says Smt.Maruthi, Secretary of Thaikulam Sanghom. Ex project officer, AHARDS, Smt P.E.Usha says that Adivasis are discriminated against even among general public . They are never given a chance to involve in a ‘development’ discussion. Even though they are hardy people with a lot of , they are marginalised and not considered as part of public, their use of traditional wisdom and knowledge is ridiculed. Liquor mafia keeps their men inebriated. Police intimidate women. Even though covered under reservation, they are unable to access it. . High rate of neonatal deaths are the last straw. The land they rightfully own is encroached by others which includes a former Prime Minister Sri. Chandrasekhar whose Bharat Yatra Kendra office stands on the tribal land belonging to Maruthi’s mother. When she as a landowner tried to cultivate there, the police arrested her and filed a case .Thaikulam president, Smt. Bhagawati Rangan, Treasurer, Smt.Kali, Dr. K.T. Ibrahim, Smt.Supriya A.R., Dr.K.S.Jayasree. Smt.Radha Iyer, Adv. Sheeja Mani, Smt. P. Ramani Bai, Smt. Preetha also spoke on the occasion.

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